Sifu Brooks Nelson began his training over 12 years ago under the guidance of 8th Degree Elder Masters David and Sharon Soard, founders of the Chinese Shao-Lin Centers.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in the San Fernando Valley, he was originally a student from the Los Angeles Chinese Shao-Lin Center until he became the Head Instructor when the school was handed down to him.

He has trained at our various locations throughout the United States, as well as internationally.

His motto is to remember what Kung Fu means : “Mastery Through Time & Effort”



2004 Began Shao-Lin Training

2009 Attained Black Belt Rank

2011 Attained 2nd Degree Black Belt Rank

2014 Attained 3rd Degree Black Belt Rank

2015 Became Head Instructor (Sifu) of Chinese Shao-Lin Center : Los Angeles


8th Degree Elder Masters Sharon Harris Soard and David N. Soard have studied the art of Shao-Lin Kung Fu for over 43 years. They created and founded the first Chinese Shao-Lin Center in 1979 in Denver, Colorado, created, edited and published the Chinese Shao-Lin Center Training Manual in 1989, and were the first U.S. Shao-Lin instructors to be hosted in China by the Hunan Martial Arts Association.

In 1987, they traveled throughout China to plan the first Shao-Lin organization student trip to China and were honored by an invitation in 1989 to have a tablet erected at the Shao-Lin Temple. The ceremony was held at the Honan Temple in 1992. In 2000, they were honored with the first stone tablet to be erected at the newly rebuilt Fukien Shao-Lin Temple.

The Elder Masters’ continue to train in Shao-Lin and visit and study historic sites of martial arts interest throughout the world. The 2007 China Trip marked the 20th year of the Elder Masters continued friendship with their “old friends” and martial masters in China and their next student trip to China is scheduled for 2015. They also organize and teach Instructor Training Seminars for the Chinese Shao-Lin Centers throughout the United States.

They have taught thousands of students and we are very grateful for their dedication to preserving this precious art.